Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am obsessed

I can't believe how much there is to learn out there. Since I have been blogging a whole new world has opened up to me and I spend way to much time trying to learn it all. So tonight after a long day of everyone not feeling well and ordering pizza as a cop out to making diner I sat down and tried to learn how to do a mosaic. I have loved them ever sense I saw them on a friends blog and then again on flickr. So lets see if this works.

Okay so it did work. I found the mosaic maker and it was rather simple. I cannot wait for the photoshop class that I am taking in April, I think it will add alot to the pictures that I take. Well my friend Kim has moved and I already miss her. We spent a lot of creative time together and a lot of time just talking. I hope she will have an easy move and find her grove soon. I am still selling my frames and canvas down at the store downtown. I am also still working for Steiner Homes helping people pick out the style they want for their homes. I also found a new blog today that was very inspiring.

The weather is finally getting good and I can't wait to go outside to take more pictures. Jaden is so tired of me taking pictures that he says "No more pictures mommy, I don't like it." That is his new thing for everything. "I don't like it." Today I found him standing up to go to the bathroom. Not standing on the floor but standing straight up on the rim of the toilet peeing. He said "I stand up mommy." Needless to say a messy pee. I guess it is better than in his pants.