Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Wonderful vacation......

So kinda last minute (because that is how we like to do everything) we decided to go and rent a house in Kentucky and stay at the lake with the kids. I have never had such an amazing time. Yes there was the screaming and the occasional "don't touch me!" But for the most part everyone seemed to really love being there together!

I will have to say a couple of things about the man I married. He hates to fish. The boys love to fish. He has often said "I am not the right father for these boys." It makes me so sad because of the amount of love these boys are in with their dad. He would get up every morning and spend hours fishing with all the boys. He didn't know what bait to use or where to tell them to cast their lines but he was there. He dragged them all through the mud (which he hates almost as much as fishing) to find just the right quiet spot to catch the best fish. They caught fish. One really big fish so he is king to them.

He loves my finish product. Sometimes he does not understand how my mind works but he knows in the end it will turn out. He trusts me. He supports me. He has "turned me into somebody loved." I love this picture of him, because he is loved by me. Oh we hate each other a lot of the times and tell each other things that we don't like about each other but at the end of the day this is how I fall.

We were in the middle of no where and there was not a lot of things to take pictures of so I tried desperately to work on the light and getting the details in a shot. Not blowing out the sky or framing a picture correctly. It takes so much practice to learn how to use your camera. I cannot get enough of the sun flare. I had to switch back to my 50 mm lens to get really good ones.

The next couple of months are turning out to be exciting. My mind is twirling over the senior shoots I get to do in the next couple of weeks. I think I love those the best. They are always so excited to get pictures taken. They are willing to try different things.