Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am a genius!!

Okay so for the last couple of weeks I have had no sound on the internet. It has made me insane. Not having any sound also made all of the blogs very slow. So I did just give up a little. I am glad to be back and have my music back. I have been a little busy with family visiting from the Netherlands for the last two weeks. I have also been taking a lot of pictures and working still at Steiner Homes. Life just gets busier and busier.

So here are the things that I am wishing to accomplish this summer.

1. Teach my pre-k child how to read.

2. Teach my second grader the multiplication tables

3. Get Jaden not to have his pacifier
4. Teach Carly not to blank stare me when I ask her a question.

5. Teach Daniel that if your wife buys a new outfit the best thing is to compliment her on it and then not say "but you really should do something with your hair."

6. Learn how to shoot in the manual mode on my camera.

They are lofty goals but why not shoot for the stars. I also am very grateful for a lot of things lately--Here goes!

1. I am grateful that Daniel never asks me to pack his suitcase before all of his trips.

2. I am grateful that my mom lives so close.

3. I am grateful that I have so many wonderful friends who know that I still love them even though I do not call all the time.

4. I am grateful for my wonderful friend Kim who opened up a whole new world of creativity for me, and even though she is a superstar has never made me feel less than she is. Thank you Kimbolina.

It has been a lot of fun lately. I have taken lots of pictures of my kids, others kids and others teenagers. So here are some of my faves.

I also am going to try to update more. So until next time...