Sunday, April 27, 2008

This week

Flowers are killing me!!

This week is all about flowers. I have tried to take pictures of flowers and it has not turned out well. I take much better pictures of people so in all my flower pictures are little pieces of people. I just can't get into it. I think they are lovely and some of them will be gone soon but I just can't seem to capture them well.

I have also tried different textures on my pictures and some of them I like and some of them I do not like so much. I love this one of Soren though he looks so pretty. He loves it when I say that.

Today Carson said "Dad is going to turn 100 and then go live with Jesus and I will really miss him. I said hopefully you will have a family of your own so it won't be so bad and he said he wanted to live with me forever." Then five minutes later he said he wanted to live with grandma if our house burned down. What a fickle child. The things that come out of his mouth. Lately the only way we can get him to do anything is to tell him it is the way of the Jedi.

Well I finally got my mantle the way that I wanted it. With a little help from one of Kim's designs I really like it.