Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life is screaming by!

So for the past two week life has been a lot busier than I ever would have wanted. I keep telling myself that it will past and the dreary winter months will be here soon. But in the moment I can barely keep my head on straight. The last weekend was filled with traveling to California to take pictures of a 20 year class reunion and a great family with two of the cutest boys.

Then when I got home I had two more families to photograph and loved every minute of it. I have not processed their pictures yet! Sorry! But something else that I got to do this week is be the chair person for the elementary school Harvest Festival. I have never been so stressed in my life planning a part for 300. It all worked out fine thanks to my parents and my very supportive husband who raced over from work to help me clean up!
But one of the funnest things I got to do which explains the donkey picture is take pictures for County Line Orchard. It is one of my favorite places and I just love being there so I loved every minute of seeing all the people make the donuts and the apples behind the glass instead of in front of it! If you have never been you have to check it out!
Anyway! Things keep moving here and while I am grateful I hope that this next part of our lives will slow down a little so we can enjoy all the moments that I don't want to miss with our own family!