Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not so much fun!!

I am not so much fun today. I feel like I let the kids down to day. Bought Easter treats for Carson's class, drove to school, ordered some vinyl, jumped on the trampoline, pushed on the swing, did some Easter Egg dying, gave a Easter lesson, drove to drama, gave baths and worked on some pictures. But some days it feels like it is never enough. Ate too many chocolate covered raisins, drank too much diet coke, even had a doughnut. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than over eating.
I did have some fun yesterday when I was babysitting and I decided to take some pictures of Jaden's friend Gracie. Had to feed her jelly beans for every picture and by the end she kept telling me it was not her birthday. (Her mother explained that comment later) But I thought they turned out nice and it is always fun to see what you can create with your camera, a cute child and photoshop.

I also bought some presets off the internet today and thought I could figure out how to use them and an hour and a half later realized that I did not know how to use them. I am very glad that I am taking a photo shop class in April. Also found a new site that I love because they really combine all the elements of photography that I love and the people there love to share their photos.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Faking spring!!

Well it is the gloomiest day ever here in Indiana so I decided to take a picture of my centerpiece for my kitchen table and pretend it was spring.
I really do not know how much more of this I can take. If the sun came out I know I would be thinner. We had 11 minutes total of sunshine in January. How can you sustain life that way? I have tried to stay busy but I can tell the kids even feel it. I have never let them play video games so much in their lives. There is only so much inside play I can think of. Any suggestions just in case there is no end in sight?