Saturday, December 27, 2008

The hardest time of year!

I have to admit that this is the worst time of year for my craziness. I get seriously depressed. The Christmas rush is gone. The weather is terrible and my schedules are all over the place. I hope this year I can keep it together. The day after Christmas I got a case of serious blues. I think I am going to start tanning. I have heard that it helps. I have also heard that exercise helps. I cannot image that getting on that stupid treadmill is going to help. I shall give it a whirl.

I have also been working on my indoor photography. I have to say that it is terrible. I don't know how to just get a regular picture of my kids around the tree anymore. I hope that gets better because all that will be in their scrapbooks will be pictures of frozen berries, trees and snow. Daniel took these last couple of pictures and I really liked them. See he always thinks that I have to be the one to take the picture.
We hope everyone has a safe and happy New years!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am so proud!

I am so proud that I figured out to refigure my blog. I did not like the look of it so I had to change it up. For those of you who read the post I just deleted I guess I don't have the uploading of pictures locked down yet either. But this is what we woke up to Friday morning. Right now it is -1 outside.

I have been doing a lot of photography editing and printing out pictures. I never get around to printing out our own. I am feeling really isolated because of the weather so this helps me stay happy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. I plan on eating alot and exercising very little.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a pain!

Well I definitely like blogger better than typepad. It just was not as user friendly so now I am back here. I like it here, I feel comfortable here, I know how to post photos here. Well the Christmas season is really catching up on me. I have found a solution though and it is spending a little time at night making a family journal. I got the idea here.

I love how she has combined scrapbooking with journaling every day events. I used to find scrapbooking so over whelming with the page lay outs and making it just right. I love that on some pages I just write and use other things very simply. I just love the whole idea. I hope that i can stick to it.

My kids never cease to make me laugh. Jaden is a true believer in dresses but this is what I found him in at my moms house.

I mean what a drama queen from dresses to air guns.

He is the one that encourages him with the goggles and all.

I have not been taking a lot of pictures lately because of the weather. We might have a nice day when the weather might be in the high 30's. I guess this is when photographers start taking their inside pictures. I am just not far enough along for that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have decided to move myself over to my photography blog and save precious time. I thought that people were getting bored with my photography so I wanted to seperate it. What I decided was that photography was a big part of my life. I can't seperate it. So I am going to find a permanent home over there and I hope everyone still can visit.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am so addicted!

So I have figured out why I don't want to run. I am addicted to taking and processing pictures. I love it! It is in my mind all the time. I love catching a great shot! I spent this evening in a new location taking pictures of some of my favorite people. I just had a wonderful time. So then I had to come home and look at them and then it is 1:00 in the morning and no running done. But here are some of them that i got. Why would I trade this?

I love them, I love them, I love them! Some of my favorites that I have taken all year!

So when taking pictures slows down in the winter, I am sure that I will be able to get on track! So I am giving myself a reason to not be so hard on myself!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Hard!

It was so easy for me to learn how to take pictures because I really enjoy doing it.
I love learning how to use light and figure out how to frame a face best. I am so not in love with exercise or eating right! I am not the least bit interested. How do I make it fun? How do I learn to like it? How do I make it important to me. How do I not got to a restaraunt and not order the mashed potatoes? When do I stop thinking of it as such a huge sacrifice?
I wish I knew! I wish there was some magic answer. I wish it was as interesting to me as taking pictures.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New attitude!

So my friend Becky Jean has been here for the last week. Let me tell you she just fits right in and jumps in and gets her hands dirty. We absolutely love having her here. Probably one of the busiest weeks of my life. Between my job with Steiner taking four family portraits and the craziness of childrens schedules--I really feel like I need a break this week. So today I worked from 9:30 to 6:00. Not really a break. It was also Becky's birthday on Sunday and we had a little get together--because my friends here in Indiana already love her!

So my goal this week is to exercise every day. I know I can do it. I got up this morning and ran three miles. Once I start doing it I know that I can keep it up. It is just the initial getting going! I have to admit though that I am not really a runner and will have to start from scratch. My friend Becky is a runner (if you didn't know) so she is my inspiration. (I want to be able to call myself a runner too).

I loved taking pictures of Lisa and her family! I know them so I was so relaxed and able to really try to capture who they were!

I also took pictures of this cute family in my ward and got some great shots!

Sorry that is an overload of pictures but I loved them all so much that I could have posted a lot more. It has become such a part of me that it is hard to even talk about my life now without showing pictures. It captures a little part of what my days are like. I also get to spend so much time with such wonderful people. It is a lot of fun for me! This week I am getting out and taking pictures of my own kids. I have two families set up for this week so I just hope the creativity will still be there!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I feel lost!

I got up this morning and I am feeling a little lost. I just cannot seem to get on top of things. I always feel like I am running around trying to catch up. I feel like I am one step behind the pack. I try really hard to get a grip and then something like taking pictures comes up and it throws me all off. I get so engrossed in taking and processing pictures that I get behind at everything else. I wish I could have some balance.

I have taken the diet coke out of my house and that seems to help a lot. I have only had a couple this week. Feeling lost does not help the weight loss cause because then you want to eat to feed the lost. A vicious cycle. I am very excited because I am getting to build quite the portfolio with all the people that I get to take pictures of.

Sometimes people are too pretty. That is definitely this family. Just cute!

So this week I am going to slow down and try to get centered. I am going to take some time just to watch television. I think everyone needs a little television time. My kids are so cute right now. That I want to enjoy them a little more. Especially since this Halloween my little one is going as a pretty, pretty princess. Fun for a girl but we will see what looks we get when they realize he is a boy. We tried dinosaur, monster and a jedi but nothing. He wants to wear a dress.

Just a side note. I love this couch!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My progress!

Okay so today I went for a jog. I only had one diet coke. I figured I was drinking about four a day! Can you believe that. My head has hurt so much when I went cold turkey that I thought I would cuss. I am so addicted! So I am going to go even slower. So pathetic! I am thinking about exercising maybe another time this week. No pressure for myself--just thinking. Baby steps! You can't change all in one day.

This weekend I took pictures of the funnest people. I have said before that I love taking pictures of teenagers. This time it was boys so it had to be a little different look. Let me tell you that I am definitely not cool any longer. I tried to be funny but I don't think they thought it was so funny. But really I am funny--who wouldn't think that I wasn't funny?

Both the boys were really musical so I tried to throw in their instruments everywhere I could. Everyone was very photogenic so that really helps.

I love when the lighting is just right and the family is so willing to try different things. I wonder what goes through their mind when I ask them to meet me in a stinky alleyway behind downtown and I want them to sit on my vintage couch. Everyone seems really willing to try just about anything.

This week I miss my friends I spent last weekend with. I wish we all lived closer! That is such not life though. Some of my favorite people I hardly ever get to see. Very hard!

FYI I am putting more of this family on my photography blog just in case anyone wants to go over and take a peek!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A New Day!!

I am out and about taking pictures like a mad woman. I have so many ideas and so many things going through my head!

Since my husband is becoming an iron man I am not feeling so good about myself. I always thought well I have a hobby so I don't need to take care of myself. Well as I watch his transformation. (He is asking me to feel his biceps all the time) I have decided it is time for a change. I have also decided I cannot change all at once or I go into a panic and eat more than should be legally allowed. So I am going to start slow. I am not going to eat after 7:00 p.m. Going to try really hard only to drink diet coke once a week. Small changes. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.

I will keep you all posted with what I am going to do for my next bite. Any suggestions would be helpful--so don't be shy and tell me like it is.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What fun I had!!

I spent this weekend with my oldest and dearest friends from highschool. Christy and I have been friends since the fifth grade. So over 20 years. I cannot believe it. We had so much to catch up and so much to talk about. Some of us have not seen each other in over two years. This is what I felt like most of the time. So much laughter it hurt.

When I am with these girls I feel like I am home. My friend Amy's hands are so familiar. When you touch them memories come flooding back and her smile lights up the entire room. She is the coolest mom and no one can make me laugh like she can.

Christy has beautiful optimism that makes you want to try harder to be a better person. She is so willing to try new things (except for a pony tail with a double headband). I love the person she is and how she has so much inner strength.

My life with Shelley has had so much laughter and so many tears. I have felt so much for her that sometimes I have crossed the line. I love you Shelley more than you will ever know.

Thank you girls for a terrific weekend and thank you for letting me take your pictures. That makes my day. I am grateful for our friendship and will try harder to pick up the phone and make a connection.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A blog post about blogging

So my friend Kim is doing her first ever online class! It's going to be on blogging. She has designed my banner for this blog, as well as, my photography blogsite. She will be teaching a 5 day class for first time and existing bloggers on easy tips to designing and inspiration for writing and marketing.

Her class is only 14.95 and she is teaching it through

You don't have to be a member to take this class. So if you want to learn how to blog better or add to what you already know, click on the banner below and it will take you to the boutique for more information...Her class starts Monday so sign up by Monday!

It's going to be a blast!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things to remember

Since I have been taking pictures I have so many things that I want to remember and now can. The feel of where my parents live and all the memories there. Most of my flower pictures have been taken on their property.
Since I have been blogging I can record little details of my life like this one. Jaden has become such a character. My favorite thing right now is his love of barbie dolls. Daniel was putting Jaden to bed and putting "his girls" he calls them in bed next to him. Jaden sat up and threw one on the floor. Daniel asked him "Why don't you want that one in bed with you." Jaden replied "Her is not fabulous." Well this particular barbie had undergone a bad hair day. Her hair had been cut really short. So it just was not up to Jaden's standards. I know that he gets the word fabulous from me but that a three year old knows how and when to use it cracks me up. Also my friend Joella has beautiful long blond hair. I swear to you he is in LOVE. He strokes he hair and tells her that she is beautiful.

To switch subjects I have a new little project, besides decorating my house. I started my own little photography home.

Now I have a place where I can send people who are just interested in my photography and a place where I don't have to bore all 12 readers of my blog with all my photos. Now this site will be on my little cards. So check it out when you have a minute and give me your feedback on what you think.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love the fall!!

Our favorite pumpking patch!

Hello friends and family!! For any of you that know me this is it for me. I am the happiest when October comes and I can decorate and I even start to bake (a little). Went and picked up some pumpkins. They finally came in. We get them from a little farm where the kids in the family grow them to earn extra money. And boy are they cheap. I feel guilty sometimes only paying three dollars for the one Soren is carrying. The kids love it even if it does smell like cow poop.

Then I spotted from across the way a great place to take pictures. So I made Daniel go up to the farmers house and ask. I think they were a little confused at first so they came out and watched. Never had an audience before. But I will have to say that it is my new favorite place to shoot. So I guess I will be talking to that farmer a little more.

The kids liked the truck shots the best. I liked the old barn wood and all the different textures.

Loved! Loved! Loved this place.

This time of year I also start to miss my family. Things were so busy over the summer that I have not stayed in touch the best I could. So I am looking forward to trips to Boston and Dallas in the next couple of months. Love the free flying thing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Being a little crazy!

Sometimes I think I am a little crazy. Most of you reading this will say "a little" who are you kidding. You are huge crazy. So I have been struggling with the thought that if I am a little crazy does that make me not loveable. But when I have tried to change my craziness in the past it seems to steal a little bit of me away. I found this thought on one of my favorite photographers blog.

"at what point in growing up do we learn to do things so halfheartedly? when do we forget to move, breathe and live with our whole body? when do we start practicing saying things we don't mean? when did we settle for being so much less powerful than we really are,,, for using such a small percentage of our natural potential? why? when? i'll tell you exactly when: when we start becoming conscious of the spit flying out of our mouth, and how it really is a ridiculous amount of spit, and o no, what will the people around me think of me now that they've seen all this spit, and will they take their love from me because of it???the fear of rejection is so strong, so deeply ingrained in us, that we imprison the best parts of us in a misguided attempt to keep them from harm. the greatest gift in the universe, traded for fear."

I do have a fear of what others might think of my oddities that somehow they will take their love from me and so I tend to be the one who backs off first. I want to live a life that I believe in myself -that I do not need others approval to let me know that what I do and say is not crazy. Alot of this has to do with my journey with photography and friendships. (I know that Daniel thinks I am crazy and he loves me anyway). I have needed approval with almost every shot I have taken. What is that? Where does that come from? It takes away from my joy. I need people to feel I am fabulous and funny or they will take their love away.

I want to learn to feel this--

"really? so what if johnny thinks you have too much spit, you're alive!!! alive, and no one can take that from you, no one can lessen the glory of that in any way. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing with everything you have. if it's not, then why are your spending precious moments of your life doing it?"


Sunday, September 7, 2008

I think fall is coming!!!

Today at church one of the little girls in our ward came outside with these in her hands. I say yipee!! I love the colors. My beautiful friend Kim came up with the name Forever October photography. I do think it would be perfect for me. Because it is my stinking favorite month. I have a apple pie candle going all year long and pumpkin spice in my fragrance flowers from Bath and Body. So how perfect for me.

This week has been fun but full. Daniel has started playing softball along with his iron man training. The man has never even seen a game before but he thought he would give it a whirl. I was very surprised at what a good hitter he was. We will have to work a little on the catching. I found myself being very protective. Like "you want to say something. Bring it on. I will take you down to china town." It is not an LDS league so it was a little different. But I kinda liked it.

These are the kinda of pictures I get to take in the fall. Kim recognize the belt. Her favorite by the way. I always hope that people don't mind that I am on their property. But what a perfect barn and lake. One day I am going to be looking down the barrel of a gun because I just hop out of my car and take a picture anywhere.

This weekend I am going with some of "my girls" to St. Louis for time out for women. There are seven of us going and needless to say I probably won't get any sleep. I think I am going to take some drugs because I am getting old and last year it took me a week to recover. I am really looking forward to it. We even went on a test drive in my van to make sure all the luggage fit. What dorks we are!

This is my last shot of the day for you. This little girl kills me. Yesterday at the ward party she wrestled a greased pig to the ground.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My grove is all messed up!

These are the things that are throwing off my grove!

My husband is training for a iron man. Not a little 5k but an iron man. Who does that?

My little baby went to his first day of preschool.

My daughter wants a cell phone so she actually trying to get good grades! (that is her reward for straight A's)

My work at Steiner is slowing down!

Gas prices are causing me to stay home more.

I still have not figured out my camera! I thought I was getting it but come to find out not in the slightest.

Jaden is my new constant companion now that the kids are gone. What do you do with a three year old all day long.

I hope I can get back into my grove because ice cream has been calling my name all week. Normally I would not care but one weekend very soon in October I get to have a reunion with some of my best friends and two of them happen to be fitness icons. So I keep telling myself maybe I can loose 50 pounds by then. Then there is more pressure so I tend to eat more. It is a vicious cycle. I know they love me for me but for goodness sake!

I did get to take some pictures yesterday for my sweet neighbor Lisa and her sister. Lisa is one of my biggest supporters. She always, always tells me how wonderful the pictures I take are even though I doubt myself all the time. She will never know how much it means to me. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these here but these were some of my favorite.

I am lucky that people want me to take their pictures and how fun it is for me. The very thought of taking someone's picture is so exciting for me. So for those of you who will be spending time with me in the future just be prepared that I probably will be making you and your loved ones pose for pictures!