Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a beautiful day.....

I love this girl. Rachel is unique and beautiful and fun to be around. She has her own style and a beauty that definitely shines through her eyes. I loved taking her senior pictures. I love that she showed up to my house and was so excited because she said "besides wedding pictures this is one of the biggest picture days of your life!" A girl after my own heart.
Yes...I took Rachel to a laundromat. Got a few stares and had to wait a couple of times for a certain person to get his laundry out of the washer into the dryer. I mean I am standing there with a camera Rachel is on top of the washers and he just stands there like are you taking pictures?

This was the longest I have ever taken pictures before. We were out for almost four hours and my hand was cramping and we are freezing but I loved every minute of it.

This is probably an over load of pictures but I just wanted Rachel to be able to see the ones that I loved so far! I really did not know she had it in her. She had a head tilt and a look in her eyes that was unexpected to me and I think she took beautiful photographs.

Look at those eyes! My friend Joella helps me with makeup and I think she does such a wonderful job at keeping the girls looking really naturally but really making their features stand out. Thank you Joella for being there for me and being excited for the girls to get their pictures taken. It really makes them feel special.

Oh what a struggle this week has been. I hope that this week I can put it all behind me and start fresh. That is the nice thing about struggles they don't seem as bad with a little time. I hope that is true for this one as well.