Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things are good!!

Didn't even know that frogs lived at the beach. When Noah (a family friend) found this one swimming through the water we did not believe him. But here he is and I am sure that this solidifies that the beach is the coolest place to be.

This weekend I had time to myself while Daniel took Carly and Soren to Germany and my mom had the boys. So I decided to paint a couple of rooms. Well my paint choice was not the best and it is the color of FLESH. I am hanabal and have wrapped the whole room in skin. I paid a lot of money for that paint so we are keeping that color.

Jaden's new quotes for the day are:

1. You are such a whiner

2. Carly, you are such a jerk

3. I can't pee in the bushes it is too dangerous.

I have decided that spring is the best time to take pictures and if I don't share them here where else do I have to share them. So you will all just have to grin and bare it.

See that was not so painful. Well it is late and I am off to bed.