Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love a new lens....

Now I know that a new lens does not a photograph make.....but it sure does flippin help. It mixes things up... It changes perspective a little.... makes everything feel fresh. It helps taking pictures of pretty people as well. I mean dang....
I am really loving this location. I love this grove of trees. Makes you feel like we are in some secluded place in the mountains instead of off the highway in a dirty field. I could see its potential. This will be a new favorite. I do have a great friend who does some of the dirty work for me in finding locations. He is good. He has an eye for it and it is fun to wonder what he will come up with next.
This is the first time that I have brought Carly with me to take pictures. I wanted her to help with Ava and I think she did a great job. I really should include her more in the process. I have thought lately that maybe she would like to learn, but if she never tries how will she know if she likes it.

Getting to know the families lately that I am taking pictures of is so much fun. They are all so adventurous and unconcerned about the weather and their hair as I am. And Ava what a doll.

Yesterday was just a wonderful day. From my parents coming to visit to helping friends move. I also love that I have friends who will come out to see my seven year old play baseball. It really means something to me. I love baseball season. I love the families coming out to watch and our coaches who are so wonderfully supportive. I love then taking pictures in the rain and bonding with wonderful families. Then I love coming home to a wonderful family and a home cooked meal and a movie.