Saturday, October 18, 2008

I feel lost!

I got up this morning and I am feeling a little lost. I just cannot seem to get on top of things. I always feel like I am running around trying to catch up. I feel like I am one step behind the pack. I try really hard to get a grip and then something like taking pictures comes up and it throws me all off. I get so engrossed in taking and processing pictures that I get behind at everything else. I wish I could have some balance.

I have taken the diet coke out of my house and that seems to help a lot. I have only had a couple this week. Feeling lost does not help the weight loss cause because then you want to eat to feed the lost. A vicious cycle. I am very excited because I am getting to build quite the portfolio with all the people that I get to take pictures of.

Sometimes people are too pretty. That is definitely this family. Just cute!

So this week I am going to slow down and try to get centered. I am going to take some time just to watch television. I think everyone needs a little television time. My kids are so cute right now. That I want to enjoy them a little more. Especially since this Halloween my little one is going as a pretty, pretty princess. Fun for a girl but we will see what looks we get when they realize he is a boy. We tried dinosaur, monster and a jedi but nothing. He wants to wear a dress.

Just a side note. I love this couch!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My progress!

Okay so today I went for a jog. I only had one diet coke. I figured I was drinking about four a day! Can you believe that. My head has hurt so much when I went cold turkey that I thought I would cuss. I am so addicted! So I am going to go even slower. So pathetic! I am thinking about exercising maybe another time this week. No pressure for myself--just thinking. Baby steps! You can't change all in one day.

This weekend I took pictures of the funnest people. I have said before that I love taking pictures of teenagers. This time it was boys so it had to be a little different look. Let me tell you that I am definitely not cool any longer. I tried to be funny but I don't think they thought it was so funny. But really I am funny--who wouldn't think that I wasn't funny?

Both the boys were really musical so I tried to throw in their instruments everywhere I could. Everyone was very photogenic so that really helps.

I love when the lighting is just right and the family is so willing to try different things. I wonder what goes through their mind when I ask them to meet me in a stinky alleyway behind downtown and I want them to sit on my vintage couch. Everyone seems really willing to try just about anything.

This week I miss my friends I spent last weekend with. I wish we all lived closer! That is such not life though. Some of my favorite people I hardly ever get to see. Very hard!

FYI I am putting more of this family on my photography blog just in case anyone wants to go over and take a peek!