Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Facebook Forever October Photography

Just added a Facebook fan page so I could put my pictues in certain categories. Go check it out! Show the love and fan it so I think that people adore me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a cold but perfect day for pictures!

I mean could they be any more perfect? This couple was up for anything. Never complained that it was past the point of any type of comfortable temperature. Stand on a ledge, cross rickety platform, stand under this structure that looks questionable. I think they got the point of getting the right shot. It makes my job so much more exciting. I didn't even know it was cold til the end when I was in the car and I could not feel my toes.

These are just a little peek at my favorites so far. I was so excited to take them that editing was so easy because they are such pretty people. I took along my friends Joe and Joella and they said I was crazy for coming to a place like this. But wow! It makes for a great background. I don't think I will bring kids running around but I love it for couples.

I feel like every shoot I go on that I get closer and closer to the type of photographer I want to be. I really try to shoot from different angles and perspectives. I think it makes the photographs look so interesting and draws the attention right to the focal point.

I am so excited for them that they found each other and seem so in love.
And by the way the shoes were pretty much the icing on the cake.