Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All I can say today is Thank You!

Thank you for the beautiful weather.

Thank you for my beautiful family.

Thank you for time.

Thank you for intimacy.

Thank you for different perspectives.

Thank you for my life.

I have been taking a workshop to improve my photography skills. It is all about changing my perspectives. To add more foreground interest, to use negative space, experiment with dramatic lighting. I love doing it. I love thinking differently. I have been combing through magazines and photography books. I have enjoyed looking through the eyes of so many different people. My favorite magazine by the way is "Vanity Fair". I went to the library and checked out all they had. They have the most interesting photographic spreads out there. They are always very dramatic and I love that.

But today we went to the beach and I again am reminded why I took up photography, to capture the lives of my children. I hope when all is said and done that they will look back and remember all the wonderful times that we had. At the end of one of my favorite songs it says...

When the years are showing on my face

and my strongest days are gone

When my heart and flesh depart this place

from a life that sung your song

You'll still be the one I want

You'll still be the one I want....

They are what I want and hope that my life sings their song....