Saturday, July 17, 2010

I see lovers in the streets walking without a care
they wear it out loud like there is something in the air.
If they are lucky they'll get to see
and if they're really, really lucky they will get to feel...
If they are truly blessed then they get to believe
You kick so hard it breaks your bones
It cuts so deep It hits your soul
Tears your skin and makes your blood flow
It is better that you know that...
Love is hard....
Love is hard.... If it was easy it wouldn't mean nothing..
These words are just little parts of a song by James Morrison. They have become my truth. My meaning for the word love has changed for me in the last couple of months. I thought I loved....I did not know that it would take something that shattered my world to help me understand what it meant to really love. To love myself, my husband, my children. I have had to deal with my pain on my own. I have had to rely on that I am a daughter of God to get me through.
But I am turning a corner...
And now I feel lucky
I get to see.
I get to feel.
I get to believe.
Love means so much to me now.
I feel it as I write this.
I feel it as I hear my husband snoring next to me.
I feel it during Sunday morning breakfasts.
My life is different now...and I am excited for the possibilities.
Have not taken my kids out in so long to take pictures...They are truly loved by me.

I have the most of Carly because she is turning 13 and I wanted to remember her this way..