Sunday, September 7, 2008

I think fall is coming!!!

Today at church one of the little girls in our ward came outside with these in her hands. I say yipee!! I love the colors. My beautiful friend Kim came up with the name Forever October photography. I do think it would be perfect for me. Because it is my stinking favorite month. I have a apple pie candle going all year long and pumpkin spice in my fragrance flowers from Bath and Body. So how perfect for me.

This week has been fun but full. Daniel has started playing softball along with his iron man training. The man has never even seen a game before but he thought he would give it a whirl. I was very surprised at what a good hitter he was. We will have to work a little on the catching. I found myself being very protective. Like "you want to say something. Bring it on. I will take you down to china town." It is not an LDS league so it was a little different. But I kinda liked it.

These are the kinda of pictures I get to take in the fall. Kim recognize the belt. Her favorite by the way. I always hope that people don't mind that I am on their property. But what a perfect barn and lake. One day I am going to be looking down the barrel of a gun because I just hop out of my car and take a picture anywhere.

This weekend I am going with some of "my girls" to St. Louis for time out for women. There are seven of us going and needless to say I probably won't get any sleep. I think I am going to take some drugs because I am getting old and last year it took me a week to recover. I am really looking forward to it. We even went on a test drive in my van to make sure all the luggage fit. What dorks we are!

This is my last shot of the day for you. This little girl kills me. Yesterday at the ward party she wrestled a greased pig to the ground.