Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trying to update more!!

So I am loving the summer. The kids are really busy with scout camp, birthday parties and playing with friends. We did take time out to pick strawberries and of course I had my camera along for the ride. I have been busy with work and having family in town. My goals from last week are still in thinking about them mode. Maybe I can make them a reality. I am very excited because one of my favorite people is coming to stay with me for two weeks. Becky Jean the dancing queen. I hope she has a good time and does not get annoyed by how many times my kids will probably say her name. That is all for now. Except today in the car Jaden said "That is awesome dude." It is amazing to me how the youngest matures so much faster than the others because he has so many wonderful examples. Right now everyone is a poopoo head. I just love that one. I cannot help but laugh.
I have added some wonderful new music. I do have a favorite new artist. She is in Canada so the playlist does not have her. Her name is Amy Seely. She has some just beautiful music. It is so peaceful that I could sit and listen to it all day.