Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas was the longest!

Christmas was the longest month of my life but the best ever! I wish that I could have my family live close by but then again their visits would not be so much fun. I do have to say that I love decorating for Christmas. I am beginning to not have enough surfaces to decorate. I guess I will need a bigger house so I have more to decorate. I don't think that will be happening so I will just have to rotate.

Daniel's nieces from the Netherlands came for a visit and my whole family came for the week. It was definitely a house full. I never once thought it was too crowded except for meal time. Who would ever have enough seating for 19 people. Well I didn't so we sat on the couch. Not my ideal but we were together and that was enough. We even had our neighbor over for Christmas Eve. Just very tight at meal time.

It is amazing to me every time how well my kids and their cousins get along. It really warms my heart! I don't have a lot of photo sessions with this weather so maybe I will get the camera out and start taking pictures for me again. We will have to see!