Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More pictures!

So if it rains another day I might go crazy! We have had such nice weather it is hard to go back to the bad. I have such better days when the kids can be outside playing and getting their energy out.
No swine flu here! We thought for a moment because of the media that Jaden had it. And that we would single handedly take down the Valparaiso school system. But we didn't thankfully.
Not a lot going on. Just working and playing and hanging out with the kids. Took some pictures this week that I wanted to share.

Soren thought he looked so good in this outfit that he would wear it to school. Not long into the day the vest and the tie came off. When we asked him why he said "kids kept asking me where the funeral was." He even started to tear up. We asked him who said it and he said "this boy who was wearing cut off sweats and a pajama shirt." Needless to say we worked out that he shouldn't listen and wear whatever he wanted.

This week also in the post tribune I have a write up about me and what I do at Steiner. It was very exciting for me. It was a whole two paragraphs and I am pretty sure the words "very talented" were thrown around in there. Just had to toot my own horn for a minute.

This week is full of exciting things. Mothers day for one. hint hint Daniel. I get to shoot the cutest senior and a fun family. I love when my weeks are full like that.