Thursday, January 21, 2010

The weather is no good!

The weather this time of year always kills me. The days seem to last forever. I have to push myself to get up and get going. So I am going to just keep taking pictures to keep my mind working. Going to keep posting pictures so that I push myself to do more. Got out my old lens yesterday. 50mm 1.8. I find that I have missed it and can do so many creative things with it and it is so fast. Also learned how to create a tilt shift on photoshop so I am having fun doing that. I have seen a lot of photographers do it. I e-mailed one of my favorite photographers to help me with my little problem and she actually has a tilt shift lens. I loved that when I e-mailed her she got back to me so quickly. I love when photographers remember that they started somewhere and it is nice to give back to photographers with questions. Her images are amazing!

Her shots are so unique and creative. She sets up every shot so beautifully. Another wonderful photographer that I have come across lately is
She has a way of using words in her photographs that is amazing. I love the dreamy quality of each shot. Her images are actually for sale on etsy.

So thank you for all of your love and encouragement from my last blog post. We are going and I am just going to enjoy myself the best that I can. Now if anyone can help me get over leaving my kids for a week.