Saturday, March 1, 2008

Days like these

So today my friends Barb and Katrina went with me on a day trip into Chicago. We ate, laughed and took a lot of pictures. I have recently purchased a new lens which make pictures look even better. So I had them posing alot. There are none of me because I have many wonderful qualities but being photogenic is not one of them. I also like to take the picture. About 1/3 of the pictures turned out because I have to focus the darn thing myself. Have a few things to learn about that. I love these pictures because the colors turned out really nice. And despite what these two ladies think they ARE photogenic. We got back from Chicago and I wanted to show Katrina my studio and all the kids were in my bed asleep. Right when we stepped into the room Jaden got our of bed and said "ta da I am sleeping." About the cutest thing ever. He some times does that when he wakes up in the morning he comes into my room and says "ta da I am awak." Like I have been waiting all night for him to get up. Anyway just cute.

So here are some of my favorite pictures of the day. We also stopped and bought matching hats if you wonder why we always have them on. I thought it was a great idea of Katrinas. Katrina wore her red coat and Daniel saw her in it and said "that is hot" "What fabulous pictures that will make." He really is metrosexual.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

wow what a find

I cannot believe how much fun I am having taking pictures. Found out tonight that I have a fabulous lens. I will show you some of the pictures that it took. I feel lighter and more original than I have in years. The kids get into it and I really believe that I am creating memories for them too. They will see their mom as someone who enjoyed life and couldn't wait to get up in the morning. So one of my favorite songs is SOBER by Kelly Clarkson. Now I am not a recovering anything but I feel the words fit me.

Nothings real until you let go completely
So here I go with all my thoughts I've been saving. So here I go with all my fears weighing on me.

All the things that have been holding me back for some many years seem so small. I need to just let go and live from the inside out.

All these pictures were taken in a couple of hours from just the things around my newly created studio. I am now a firm believer in take a hundred pictures of just everything. My friend kim is also a wonderful inspiration. Thank you Kim.

Also here are some of the canvas art I have been doing lately. Let me tell you it is a nice creative outlet because it does not cost a lot of money.