Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The day finally came!!!

This day will go down in Dekock history. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken my children to participate in sport teams. Each and every time praying that my children won't bring the whole team down with them. One time I was almost embarrassed enough to leave. You name we have tried it. Volleyball, soccer, basketball anything and everything. But today, today we were triumphant.

CARSON CAN ACTUALLY PLAY BASEBALL!!! I deserve to be able to say without a shred of humility that he was the best on the team. The man behind me said "wow." About my kid. I had to go around the corner and whisper in the phone to Daniel "he whips everyone's butts babe!" First time in the history of our marriage I have been proud of a Dekock in a sporting event. So I had to take his picture and put it up. Don't worry my other kids don't read my blog and by the time they want to when they are grown and reading through my journals, they will have already had the therapy needed to deal with this.

Anyway this day ranks up there. Just thought I would share.