Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things to remember

Since I have been taking pictures I have so many things that I want to remember and now can. The feel of where my parents live and all the memories there. Most of my flower pictures have been taken on their property.
Since I have been blogging I can record little details of my life like this one. Jaden has become such a character. My favorite thing right now is his love of barbie dolls. Daniel was putting Jaden to bed and putting "his girls" he calls them in bed next to him. Jaden sat up and threw one on the floor. Daniel asked him "Why don't you want that one in bed with you." Jaden replied "Her is not fabulous." Well this particular barbie had undergone a bad hair day. Her hair had been cut really short. So it just was not up to Jaden's standards. I know that he gets the word fabulous from me but that a three year old knows how and when to use it cracks me up. Also my friend Joella has beautiful long blond hair. I swear to you he is in LOVE. He strokes he hair and tells her that she is beautiful.

To switch subjects I have a new little project, besides decorating my house. I started my own little photography home.

Now I have a place where I can send people who are just interested in my photography and a place where I don't have to bore all 12 readers of my blog with all my photos. Now this site will be on my little cards. So check it out when you have a minute and give me your feedback on what you think.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love the fall!!

Our favorite pumpking patch!

Hello friends and family!! For any of you that know me this is it for me. I am the happiest when October comes and I can decorate and I even start to bake (a little). Went and picked up some pumpkins. They finally came in. We get them from a little farm where the kids in the family grow them to earn extra money. And boy are they cheap. I feel guilty sometimes only paying three dollars for the one Soren is carrying. The kids love it even if it does smell like cow poop.

Then I spotted from across the way a great place to take pictures. So I made Daniel go up to the farmers house and ask. I think they were a little confused at first so they came out and watched. Never had an audience before. But I will have to say that it is my new favorite place to shoot. So I guess I will be talking to that farmer a little more.

The kids liked the truck shots the best. I liked the old barn wood and all the different textures.

Loved! Loved! Loved this place.

This time of year I also start to miss my family. Things were so busy over the summer that I have not stayed in touch the best I could. So I am looking forward to trips to Boston and Dallas in the next couple of months. Love the free flying thing.