Monday, January 5, 2009

So long winter blues!

Well the blues are gone hopefully for good. I was able this year to change the way I think. Don't get me wrong I wrestled through plenty of ice cream. I am just trying to stay busy! My kids help a lot because they keep me busy. I have also been taking a lot of walks. So I have been trying to take the camera on the walks but chasing kids and a dog who likes to roll in poop (a whole long story) I try to capture what I am seeing. I have decided as long as I am outside that helps a lot. So we bundle up and go. Today it was just Jaden and I walking along paths through trees and it was the best time I have had in a long time. He is so fun to talk to and just talks about anything and everything.

I love that there are trails. It is through a lake and a forest and I just love it. Taking pictures is helping me appreciate so many little things that I never even considered beautiful!

There is never enough time in the day though. Because if I stroll through the grove laundry does not get done. But I would never change it. I am looking forward to so many things this coming year and one of them is just to spend time with the kids--I mean look at this face. I don't think that this is just a face only a mother could love--he is just lovable!!