Monday, April 12, 2010

I can't imagine a different life....

I wake up in the morning sometimes already tired from the things that I have to do that day! I wish it would slow down sometimes but then I feel restless during the times that are slow. This past weekend did nothing for my slowing down part. We jumped in the car on Saturday drove 7 hours to my sister-in-laws house in Iowa. Erik (my brother in law) is leaving for Iraq soon and they wanted family pictures. This little ones face lights up the room and his voice is music to my ears.

We also wanted to see our family so we jumped in the car and left. We had a wonderful time and the kids had the mostest fun. I fell in love with those beautiful children and wanted to take some home with me. Not all because there are seven. These are just a few of the ones that I have started to go through.

I also love my camera. I love that I have it. I love that it has become a part of me. I rarely leave home without it because I am afraid that I might miss something. I lug around that big camera because I want to--- not because I have to like a purse or your keys but because it makes me feel real in some way.

I would do this again. I would drive 14 hours stay 22 and leave again just to feel like you mean something. Just to feel real. To have connections, to have family. Jaden by the way did not bode so well on this trip. I zone out on car rides and tend to let the kids do what ever they want to keep the noise levels down. My mistake because from the amount of throw up Jaden ate quite the stash.

I don't believe I ever want to pose a family again. That is my statement here and now. I like the feel of laughing and smiling and things out of focus and playing peekaboo. I grabbed a lot of these while the kids were climbing up their slide in the back yard. So much more genuine so much more relaxing and the pictures to me mean so much more.

Lots going on this week. So I will be updating this blog more for myself to document my life. It might not always have pictures. Probably will....just saying I am going to write it down more and mean it.