Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey look at me!

I have finally decided on how to wrap and deliver my pictures. I know you would think that this would be easy but it is not. I had to decide on color and design it was trickier than I thought. I love the colors and the packaging it just made my day when it all came together.
I also tried my hand at baby announcements and Christmas cards. Have to tell you I enjoy doing both. The photography side and the design side. It just helps me mix everything I love doing.
I wish that I was all caught up on everyone's pictures but I am not. I don't like that feeling of having something on my mind to get done so this weekend will definitely be catch up weekend. So I will have more pictures to post because I made myself a little office with things that I love and some furniture made by my favorite carpenter Joe. I just tell him what I want and he figures out how to do it and I love that.