Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring has begun!

I have to say that I am so happy that warmer weather is here. I know it was only about 50 today but it feels great! I feel like I can get out and feel like a human again! The only thing that is bad is that the kids want to be out all the time too. Jaden is still a little young to be running around with the big kids so it makes me nervous!


I am just spreading a little spring time love with these flowers. My whole kitchen table is full of them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I feel like singin!

Okay so one of my favorite movies is the color purple. My favorite part is when one of the women say "I feel like singin!" That is what I feel like right now. My grass is turning green the kids can play outside and I feel better. I feel a whole new enthusiasm for things. I have decided to make my life easier I am going to enlist the help of people that know what they are doing. I had the feeling that if they learned how to do it so can I. Well I have also decided that somethings are not worth my time. I like to have someone occasionally do it for me. So I have found some storyboard actions. I am addicted. I went back and put pictures in them so I could see what they looked like. I loved this one!!

I have decided story boards are wonderful. You can print out so many images at once. I love the idea. I know that people have been doing it for a long while and I am behind on the curve--but it makes me "feel like singin!"

My life is about to get stupid crazy. Baseball and swimming start up and I get to take pictures at another wedding and have already started getting e-mails about spring pictures. Work is still busy! I do really enjoy my job even though it is sometimes stress full. I have big plans for the summer so the job makes that all possible.

I can't wait to see people outside again and playing with the kids at the park and sitting with a good book watching baseball. See what I mean "like singin!"