Monday, April 14, 2008

Should I wait?

So I have been wondering--should I wait until something exciting happens to blog about? I have been sick so I have spent either time in bed or time just catching up on things that need to get done. Daniel has been having it hard being mother and father. I had one exciting night where I felt a little better and a group of friends and I went and saw Blue Man Group. Well I have to admit that I was a little nervous to see it because of their freaky eyes. I really enjoyed myself even with most of their show being about ways to cram things in their mouths.

I found a new program (to me that is) called lightroom where I can edit my photos. I have to admit that I love it. I can edit so many photos at once and they all look great. Well I hope they do. So I will be sharing some of those. I hope my friend Lisa doesn't mind me sharing some of her boys but they are so cute. To those of you that ask I do carry my camera with me most places just hoping to catch something that is interesting, but I do not sleep with it to those of you who were wondering. But you have to practice to get better at something (that is what they tell me).

Not in the best focus but that really is the face he gives me a lot so I thought I would share that with all of you. Mom can you play baseball with me for five hours? I will want to only bat and have you chase the balls all over the neighborhood.

The rest is the some of the kids in out neighborhood who have graciously let me take their pictures. I am sure the whole time wondering why?

I have really found a great hobby for myself, but I really have to watch myself not to get consumed. I really have to prioritize my time. The craziness of schedules is about to happen again with volleyball, scouts, baseball and everyday swimming. If I don't get my days straight then it seems like no one eats and our life is in chaos. I really enjoy my photoshop class not because I am learning in leaps and bounds but it gives me time to really sit and use my brain to learn something. I like that feeling. Well enough of my ramblings.