Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My little one!

So my baby on April 1st turned four years old. He still seems like such the baby but he really is getting to be a big boy! He is such a joy to have in our home. He really brings us laughter and togetherness that we would not know without him. Today he came running down the hall when he got out of bed "here comes your chicken love!" I don't of course know why we say that to him but we all do! He is our "chicken love!"

So today I dolled him up and took him outside to take his four year old pictures. First warm day or I would have done it sooner! At first he wanted no part in it. I promised gifts candy and nothing helped.

This was just an example of the faces I was getting. I still love the picture but I could have been happy with a little more joy! So I decided I would do what I do with other kids I take pictures of and play games! This made all the difference. We played hide and seek and this became my favorite picture of the day.

I even got Daniel in on it and got some great shots of Daniel and Jaden together! Daniel is usually my assistant holding up reflectors and diffusers, but I do love it when I get put him in with the kids!

I know this is an overload of Jaden pictures but your birthday only comes once a year! I love this little guy more than words can express. Happy Birthday Jaden!