Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes I really love this man.

I don't talk about Daniel much but I just really want to say that he really is my biggest fan. Everything I do he thinks is just amazing. What more could a woman want. When we aren't talking about money or his ego we have the most fun together. I can honestly say that sometimes even after 12 years he can walk into a room and I still get butterflies. Usually he has his pilot uniform on, but that is besides the point. I love him the most when I catch him looking at his McDreamy hair.

Just spent spring break down at my parents house and we just had a wonderful relaxing time. The kids were able to get outside and not have their brains turned to mush from video games. Of course I tried to get out and take some pictures, but sadly I was not feeling that creative so here are just a couple of the week.

This last one is for my friend Shelley who loves a good chocolate. I am in quite the mood so I am going to do a little redecorating. I am going to add some color to the house and redo the boys room. I am not going to be so afraid. So I will upload pictures of the living room and the boys room when I am done. I will try to remember to take before and after shots. These two pictures are my mom and I making pillows out of napkins from Pier One for two dollars and my mantle. It needs some color so any suggestions would be nice.