Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New inspiration!

So just when I think I have lost my mojo I go out with my camera and realize it was there all along! I have things to work on-- like my confidence levels. I get so worried about what other people my think of me that I forget to experience things fully. But this week I took that camera out and just had some fun doing things that came out of my own little brain. And I love what came out! Most people like to step out of the box and do fun things.

So this little family that I got to work with was priceless! They were fun and willing. I also got one of my favorite subjects to come and pose some too! That means you Barb! I have actually asked Barb on occasion to act like a cat and she did it! She sees my vision.

Life sometimes takes a toll on me and my creative side suffers. I have take the advice from my friend Kim to put myself out there and take risks. I like living in my comfort zone where I know where I belong. How I am ever going to find other wonderful things if I don't try!

One little piece of my life is that Jaden a couple of days ago said that his girlfriends think he is "hot" and a really "cool dude!" He never ceases to amaze me! I know Carly is teaching him this stuff. But to hear a four year old say it could never be cuter.

We had a wonderful Easter. My parents came in and had a candlelit diner it was really wonderful. I tried really hard to emphasize the meaning for the day and bring down the Easter bunny angle. No big gifts just simple.

I also have found my new obsession. Last year on American Idol David Archuleta amazed me but this year Chris makes me want to replace him as my husband. Not to worry I go through that with every singer that I like. It started with Josh Groban. Daniel is used to it. He is replacing me with Pink so there!

Here is last picture but this is definitely one of my favorite! If you have not noticed I have finally found a tutorial that works for me to lean how to round photo corners.