Friday, September 4, 2009

Where does the time go!

All of sudden fall is here and I don't know where the summer went! My kids are in school and I really do enjoy spending the time with Jaden. He starts school next week and I think he is definitely ready! The weeks have definitely been busy and we have been blessed to have wonderful people come and stay for visits. We would enjoy anyone else who like to come also.
So I had my first shot in the dark this week. I have never tried to do creative things with newborns and it did not go quite as planned. I actually dyed the baby's skin orange. (don't even ask) I am actually nervous to give the mom the shots!

Boy this was a beautiful baby! I hope that I get to keep practicing my skills with these cute little ones. I have so much still to learn!

I just recently took to the park to take these pictures of this adorable little girl. I think her parents were nervous at first at how she would sit and look pretty. Instead I let her run around and try to grab as many as I could. The parents were really great and I think that we all had a good time. Here is a little sneak peek for the parents. I was so excited about these that I took a few moments to process some really quickly.

I hope everyone has a great labor day !