Monday, November 30, 2009


So I have been struggling with something for the longest time. I have been trying to figure out my style. Everything I read said that I had to have one. I was always so confused because I like so many different ways that pictures look. I just try to make the pictures look the way I feel about them. So I have decided that it is alright not to have one specific style. It has released me from a lot of stress. I can do whatever I want. At any moment I can change. I love that idea!

Now is the time that I can really let myself go into the learning process. Not so many sessions that make me tired of taking pictures. Of course I will miss it and start begging people to be my models, but for now I am very happy! Time for the Christmas season which is my favorite. Time to decorate and spend enormous amounts of time with my kids.

Consistency is my new goal for the upcoming year! I think the kids will like this one because maybe they will have food on the table at night.