Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a pain!

Well I definitely like blogger better than typepad. It just was not as user friendly so now I am back here. I like it here, I feel comfortable here, I know how to post photos here. Well the Christmas season is really catching up on me. I have found a solution though and it is spending a little time at night making a family journal. I got the idea here.

I love how she has combined scrapbooking with journaling every day events. I used to find scrapbooking so over whelming with the page lay outs and making it just right. I love that on some pages I just write and use other things very simply. I just love the whole idea. I hope that i can stick to it.

My kids never cease to make me laugh. Jaden is a true believer in dresses but this is what I found him in at my moms house.

I mean what a drama queen from dresses to air guns.

He is the one that encourages him with the goggles and all.

I have not been taking a lot of pictures lately because of the weather. We might have a nice day when the weather might be in the high 30's. I guess this is when photographers start taking their inside pictures. I am just not far enough along for that.